Zerona Review:

zerona 150x150 Zerona Zerona is a cold laser treatment designed to help destroy fat cells and take inches off your thighs, waist, and tummy. You may have seen demonstrations with the Zerona laser on Rachel Ray or Dr. Oz. The basic idea is that this particular type of laser light can trigger fat cells to release their content into extracellular space. This causes your “problem areas” to shrink and you can lose those last few inches before swimsuit season.

Zerona is essentially like a non-invasive form of liposuction. It does not require any surgery or recovery time. You simply take 40 minutes 3 times a week for 2 weeks and let the laser do the work. It is not painful and you don’t have to worry about scarring. Laser treatments are becoming more and more popular in virtually every aspect of medicine. It only makes sense that we are finding ways to help with weight loss and body size through the use of lasers.

Ingredients in Zerona:

Zerona is a type of laser so obviously there are no “ingredients” in it other than light. But, we can discuss a clinical trial testing Zerona’s ability to reduce waist and hip circumference. Robert Jackson, MD along with other physicians found that:

“Participants in the treatment group demonstrated an overall reduction in total circumference across all three sites [waist, hips, bilateral thighs] of_3.51 in. (P<0.001) compared with control subjects who revealed a _0.684 reduction (P<0.071745). Test group participants demonstrated a reduction of _0.98 in. (P<0.0001) across the waist, _1.05 in. (P<0.01) across the hip, and _0.85 in. (P<0.01) and _0.65 in. (P<0.01) across the right and left thighs from baseline to 2 weeks (end of treatment). At 2 weeks post-procedure, test group subjects demonstrated a gain of 0.31 total inches collectively across all three sites.”

So to put that in regular-man talk, Zerona caused an average of 3.5 inches to come off the waist, hips, and thighs (collectively) of the subjects. 2 weeks after the procedure they found that about .3 inches came back to all three areas (collectively). So when you look at it, Zerona took off 3 inches in 2 weeks. Not bad.

Does Zerona Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

Some physicians do offer a partial money back guarantee if the Zerona laser treatment is unsuccessful. But, you will have to find out from the particular group you are going to for the treatment.

Final Thoughts:

Here is what it comes down to:

2 weeks of Zerona treatment will cost you anywhere from $2,000-4,000. It won’t be covered by insurance because it is considered cosmetic. Long-term studies have not been done on Zerona yet; so we have no real understanding of how permanent its effects are. For that reason I would probably wait a little bit to see if the short-term results actually last. If they do, then Zerona is a great new alternative to liposuction for those who can afford it. But if you are part of the majority of people who don’t have that kind of petty cash you should check out some of our proven thermogenic fat burners. They have the power to help you lose inches too, and they don’t cost thousands of dollars.