What is Women’s Abdominal Cuts Active?

pGNC1-8027587t300x300Revolution Lifestyle seems to have made a name for itself in the weight loss world because of its cutting edge packaging and appeal to both men and women looking to tone and trim. These products tend to appeal to those that lead busy lifestyles and those who are serious about losing weight. But some of the time these two concepts can’t coexist. It would seem that those who are stressed out with their active lifestyles find themselves unable to reach their weight loss goal and have to turn to something more than just diet and exercise to give them that extra little push. That’s where Women’s Abdominal Cuts Active comes in. Stress can seriously impede weight loss by causing us to crave carbs, overeat, and make our body release the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is what causes our bodies to store excess fat instead of burn it, and a lot of the time we can see the difference in our hips, butt, and abdominal region. Instead of boosting metabolism as a primary aid to burning carbs, Women’s Abdominal Cuts Active blocks cortisol, thus helping us lose weight.


When looking at the supplement facts you’ll find a variety of ingredients often found in dietary supplements including CLA, DHA, MCT, arachidonic acid, sesamin, stearidonic acid, vitamin E and vitamin B12. If these ingredients look really familiar that might be because you can find every single one of these ingredients in Revolution’s other product Men’s Abdominal Cuts Sport. While this product undoubtedly has its benefits including the ability to boost metabolism and slightly increase energy levels, you might be looking at a fairly average product. Most of these ingredients are just fatty acids that will regulate your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, but you’ll find a couple, mostly CLA, to be beneficial in that they will boost metabolism and enable you to burn calories more effectively.

Side Effects

Because this products doesn’t use any stimulants like caffeine, you can rest assured that you will not be experiencing side effects like the jitters, elevated heart rate, headaches, or a crash later on. That being said, pregnant or nursing women should not take this product, and one should always consult a physician before taking, especially if you have a family history of any medical condition or if you’re taking other medications, including any other weight loss supplement.


  • Blocks the hormone cortisol to help stop your body from storing fat
  • Appealing packaging with pink capsules
  • No stimulants


  • Does not enable thermogenesis
  • Not enough high-quality ingredients to make it worth spending around $69.99
  • Most effective on those already in shape who follow a diet and exercise program


Revolution is well-known for its high quality weight supplements that are both effective and appealing, but on their product Women’s Abdominal Cuts Active they may have gotten a little lazy. With ingredients all too similar to many of their other products and no substantial evidence leading us to believe that it will lead to major weight loss, Women’s Abdominal Cuts Active doesn’t quite stand out in our book. For the money you would spend on this pretty product you could get a higher quality and more effective product for the same price.

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