Vega Sport Review:

Vega Sport As explained on their website, “Providing sustaining energy, enhanced mental focus and increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, Vega Sport Performance Optimizer beverage also replenishes electrolytes and reduces inflammation, joint and muscle pain to assist recovery.” It should be understood upfront that Vega Sport is not specifically engineered to help you lose weight…that may be a byproduct of using it in conjunction with your workouts but it is not the primary objective. As we examine the ingredients you should keep that in mind.

Ingredients in Vega Sport:

The ingredients in Vega Sport include: Coconut oil seed, Kombucha leaf, Yerba Mate leaf, Green tea leaf, Rhodiola root, Ginseng root, Devil’s claw root, Turmeric root, and Ginger root.

You probably aren’t familiar with most of these ingredients. Rather than analyze each ingredient I will try to briefly help you understand how they work together. Some of these ingredients provide immediate energy boosts (caffeine from green tea and natural fat from coconut oil) while others are rich in antioxidants (Kombucha and Yerb Mate). Some of the ingredients are meant to increase blood flow (Rhodiola extract and Turmeric root) and Vega Sport has sodium and potassium to replace the electrolytes lost during exercise. Overall, Vega Sport has a pretty high quality formula that can give you a boost of energy and help you maximize your workout potential.

Does Vega Sport Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes and no. As explained on their website, “If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item in its original, unused condition (including all original packaging and tags) within 60 (sixty) days for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges. At any time past the 60 days we will accept the item for exchange only up until 90 days.” So you can only get your money back if you don’t use Vega Sport. That kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

Final Thoughts:

Vega Sport is a fabulous option for Vegans. Unfortunately that is a very select group of individuals. If you are not a vegan there are lots of other energy boosting options available that don’t cost as much (Vega Sport Performance Optimizer costs $49.99). As far as weight loss is concerned, Vega Sport may help boost your metabolism and energy levels but you shouldn’t expect to burn a ton of fat or lose a lot of weight by using it. It is not meant to be a thermogenic fat burner as much as it is a pre-workout energy boost. Vega Sport should also be relatively free of side effects (no harsh chemicals or drugs). If you’re searching for a vegan alternative to energy drinks and pre-workout supplements then Vega Sport is a great option. But, if you’re looking to lose weight you should try some of our top rated thermogenic fat burners.

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