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supercitrimaxSuper Citrimax is a common weight loss ingredient included in various weight loss products because it’s thought to help suppress a dieter’s appetite and may even help the body at the fundamental level in restricting fat cells from accumulating. That latter part is where the debate really begins for Super Citrimax and similar products.

Most agree that it does act as an appetite suppressant and that it works effectively in that regard. But just how effective is it at actually removing that fat from your body once it’s ingested is something else all together.

Those in the Super Citrimax camp claim that it can keep enzymes from actually converting carbohydrates found in the body into stored fat.  That conversion process is a fundamental catalyst for weight gain.  If we are to take the manufactures of Super Citrimax at their word–and let’s suppose we do–then it would be an effective way to keep fat from gathering.

But there are also detractors that say, there really is no evidence to back up that claim.  Sure, the basic science is correct—meaning in theory is works but there are numerous other factors that have to be considered.  I found one study that showed it had only slightly better results then a group that didn’t take a supplement at all.

What are consumers saying about Super Citrimax?

If you look at all the feedback from consumers, it seems to have mixed results.  It appears, that it can do what it says, but it’s hard to nail down exactly with whom it will work.  Some people swear by it, others call it a total waste of money.

Final thoughts on Super Citrimax

This is my personal take–so take it for what it’s worth–but I like Super Citrimax when it’s not the driving ingredient in the product.  I think its effectiveness is boosted when it plays a supporting role.  Much like some actors who do their best work in supporting roles, I think the same goes with a product like Super Citrimax.  If it’s flanked along side other solid ingredients, its effectiveness is boosted. If nothing else it can act as an appetite suppressant. That’s worth something.

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