untitled SlenderizerWhat is the Slenderizer?

The Slenderizer is another weight loss supplement used as a detox. The reason detox products are so popular in the weight loss world is because they are a great way to flush out your body of unwanted and sometimes harmful toxins. Usually detox products come full of laxatives and contents high in fiber, but the Slenderizer goes about it in a little different way. They have included many healthy lipotropic  ingredients often known to combat harmful diseases such as cancer and diabetes. While this product does have some ingredients that can clear out your body of toxins, one has to question where Strictly Health Corp has put their priorities. Have they made a product that will help you lose weight or one that will help protect you from deadly diseases? To answer this, one must look at what they’ve included inside the bottle to decide.

So what’s in it?

  • Inositol Hexaphosphate- This ingredient is mostly known for its anticancer effects. There is a lot of research that shows this ingredient is able to slow or reverse the growth of cancerous cells. As far as weight loss goes, though, there is little evidence that it will help you do the things Strictly Health Corp advertises like metabolize fat and cholesterol. This ingredient is found in many foods high in fiber, the reason behind its supposed weight loss benefits. While it can help you lose weight when in its natural form, there’s no research to prove that in will do the same when in a supplement.
  • DL-Methionine- This is an essential amino acid that can help to metabolize fat and lower cholesterol, although there isn’t any evidence that the Slenderizer has enough of this ingredient to have any significant results. The makers at the Strictly Health Corp made a point to advertise its ability to be used as an antidepressant, a point thats extremely irrelevant in a weight loss supplement.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)- This is the only ingredient included in this product that has proven weight loss benefits. This will help to boost your metabolism and turn excess fat into energy, and is especially beneficial to diabetics.
  • Chromium Picolinate-There have been claims of this ingredient having positive weight loss results, but there is little evidence of it. More accurately, it is a great way to regulate blood sugar levels, making it beneficial to diabetics. Not even on the website does it claim any weight loss benefits.

Is it worth buying?

While some of these ingredients can  help you lose a little weight, this is not the best blend of ingredients out there. Strictly Health seems to be more focused on making a supplement with numerous health benefits than with weight loss benefits. Many of these ingredients are only known to help protect the body against diseases and have only marginal weight loss results. Trust us when we say that there are better supplements out there, and to save the $40-$90 you would be spending and get a product that has ingredients that will actually help you lose weight.

Even though we DON'T give Slenderizer a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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#2 Phenphedrine

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#3 Lipovox Hardcore Detox

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