SensaSomehow sprinkling a little magic dust on my food is supposed to help me lose weight?  That sounds like it belongs in a Disney movie or something. As strange as that sounds, that’s exactly behind the premise for Sensa. This substance is supposed to be sprinkled on top of your food and as it interacts with the smell of the food, it tricks your brain into thinking that it is full.

So how does Sensa do that?

According to the makers of Sensa, they say their product will work with the body’s sense of smell and taste to trigger the feelings of satiety. They claim that the “sprinkles” are odorless but that they may even improve the taste of some foods like vegetables.

Let’s look at some of the ingredients of Sensa

Carmine – a quick Internet search shows this substance is carminic acid extracted from insects. That’s kinda of disgusting considering carmine is extracted by boiling down the dried insects.  I also found this substance can cause some allergic reactions in those who take the substance.

Tricalcium Phosphate – this is a mineral that acts as an anti-caking agent. This is not used in the actual weight loss portion of the product, but rather to keep Sensa in a flakey form rather then clumping up.

Silica – found in sand, quarts and in the walls of unicellular organisms called diatoms. Again, this really isn’t part of the weight loss agent, but rather this helps Sensa absorb water and then melt away as it interacts with the food. That way you can’t see a dusting of white powder all over your food as you eat it.

Maltodextrin- this is essentially a sweetener. It doesn’t carry as many calories as sugar but has the same effect.  This substance is added to help give food a sweeter taste.

Sensa also contains Natural and Artificial flavors, FD&C and Yellow 5.

Based on the ingredient line-up it is hard to figure out where Sensa gets its appetite suppression power. Nonetheless, the makers of Sensa would have you believe that it can help you lose 30 pounds in 6 months as it did for others involved in their studies.

Final thoughts on Sensa

Oh, I think there’s some good aspects to it.  Sure it may help drive down your appetite but if you don’t have an overeating problem this product really won’t help you that much.

Also, consider that eating for many overweight people is an emotional response; they eat when they should not.  Even if Sensa does have some suppression effects, they’re still putting food into their body when they don’t need to be—granted it will be smaller amounts because the appetite suppression kicks in.  I just see a contradiction here. Sensa has to be placed on food in order to work, when it’s the food that’s getting them into the problem in the first place.

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