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Sensa Chews

Sensa Chews

Most of us are chewers, from little bunny rabbits to cows on a cud.

Chewing is satisfying.  Chewing keeps our jaws busy, the mouth moist and the ole’ brain ticking.

But can a weight loss chew like Sensa Chews really suppress appetite so us chewers don’t go onto other things–like a family-size bag of Lays?  Let’s see what the developers of Sensa Chews have to say.

Sensa Chews Claims

Sensa Chews claims that chewing on their products will help you to satisfy your cravings and help silence that nagging little voice at the back of your head that wants to eat between meals.

And Sensa says its chews are pretty healthy too, as a source of fiber and antioxidants. They’re sugar-free with low calories and easy to take around with you when you need them to stop that craving on the go.

Ingredients in Sensa Chews

Since Sensa Chews claims lie with its ingredient delivery, we should look at what makes these products tick.

Here’s what is in Sensa Chews’ blend:

Glucomannan–a water-soluble fiber that swells in the stomach, making you feel stuffed like a tick. This suppresses the appetite for obvious reasons. But are you getting enough?
Green Tea–super high in antioxidants, natural caffeine and EGCG’s that heal you, raise metabolism and oxidize fat.
Banaba Leaf Extract 1% Corosolic Acid–regulates blood sugar so you don’t crave high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods. No clinical proof.
Maqui Berry–a super fruit, high in antioxidants that heal and prevent free radical damage to your cells. Won’t do anything for weight loss or appetite suppression.

All of these Sensa ingredients are administered in a low 518 mg proprietary blend. This is unfortunate because while it contains a few high-quality ingredients that have been known to work–like glucomannan, it also contains cheap fillers that dilute the quality of what is working.

Does Sensa Chews Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Sensa Chews does not offer a money-back guarantee, and with a rather expensive price, this is a disappointment.  If you spend $30 on a bag of these, you’re essentially paying a dollar for just one chew.

Final Thoughts

While Sensa Chews offer a unique way of curbing appetite and suppressing cravings, it doesn’t seem to work wonders on its own. While it contains some ingredients shown to diminish appetite and boost metabolism, the product doesn’t contain them in the amounts proven to work.

However, most people who found success with Sensa Chews were using the other Sensa products, so if you’re riding the Sensa Boat you might like these.

For everyone else, we recommend steering away and toward something more rich in effective ingredients and less diluted with filler–and for a more manageable cost!

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