QuickTrimWow! So if I take Quick Trim I can look and feel like Kim Kardashian and her other sisters.  We’ll that’s what the makers of the product would have you believe.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Fat chance.  We’ve been around the diet industry for many years and a nice body like that takes a lot of eating right and hours in the gym.  There’s not a product on the market that will get you looking like that just by taking it.

How can Quick Trim help me lose weight?

Quick Trim is basically a colon cleanser and fat burner wrapped into one. There are 4 basic products.

  1. Basic cleanse
  2. Cleanse and fat burner
  3. Fat burner
  4. Cellulite cream/gel

The idea is pretty good and if all things worked simply by how good the idea is, then this might be a miracle pill. Unfortunately it is not.  Don’t get us wrong, this is a solid weight loss product, with solid ingredients.

But looking at the ingredient line-up it just doesn’t seem to be the most effective ingredient out there. No, let me back up, it may be effective, it just doesn’t separate itself from other products—I’m speaking of the product as a whole.  They’re banking on the celebrity endorsement to really sell the product, rather than then have the product sell itself.

Final thoughts on Quick Trim

Again, the ingredient line up is nothing to write home about.  I like green tea, I like guarana but I don’t think they put enough of the proper amounts into the product to make it really effective. Will it work? Yea, I think it will to a certain extent. But so will a lot of other products, especially ones cheaper then Quick Trim.  I think you can find a little bit better deal out there.

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