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In response to the rampant obesity problem in the United States, pharmaceutical companies have created some of the best diet drugs on the market. Qnexa is a drug developed by the California based Vivus Inc. By combining two well known diet drugs, Vivus has found an even more effective formula for weight loss than either of the individual drugs on their own. Like any pharmaceutical drug, Qnexa would have to pas lengthy testing by the FDA to be sold to consumers in the United States.

Prescription drugs are only taken under the supervision of a trained medical professional because they can be dangerous. Most of the fat burners reviewed by this site and other sites like it are made of all natural ingredients that don’t have the same kind of risks associated with prescription drugs. Qnexa is not a thermgogenic fat burner like most you will find because if it is made available it would only be with a prescription which would only be given in more extreme cases of obesity. The way Qnexa functions is not like a thermogenic fat burner either. The two drugs in Qnexa were originally formulated to suppress appetite and affect how the brain processes stimuli.

Ingredients in Qnexa

Vivus Inc. found that by combining the diet drugs Phentermine, sold under the brand name Apidex, and the anti-convulsant Topiramate, sold as Topamax, they could produce even quicker weight loss results. Phentermine was introduced to the market some time ago and was shown to be a very effective appetite suppressant. Topiramate has also been used for some time but is mostly prescribed to epilepsy patients to control muscle convulsions. While Topiramate has never been tested as a weight loss drug, users have reported weight loss as a side effect. Both drugs have proven to produce weight loss and the initial studies into Qnexa found that by combining both drugs in proper amounts, the results exceeded the weight loss effects of either drug on their own.

Does Qnexa offer a money-back guarantee?

When it comes to prescription drugs, the same kind of rules you would expect from traditional fat burners don’t apply. In most cases drugs like Qnexa, when prescribed by a doctor, will be covered by insurance assuming your coverage includes a prescription drug plan. The liability for effectiveness of a prescription drug for some reason falls to the doctor who does the prescribing rather than the company that makes the product.

Final Thoughts

Any kind of review of Qnexa as a viable diet pill is really unnecessary since the FDA decided not to allow Qnexa to be sold because of serious health concerns. You might have guessed that when the drug Phentermine was mentioned earlier in the review. Phentermine was the cause of some controversy in the weight loss industry for dangers associated with its use. Qnexa may be available in markets outside the United States but before you resort to risky diet drugs it would be worth the time and money to try one of the best thermogenic fat burners.

Even though we DON'T give Qnexa a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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