privatest PrivatestPrivatest Review is here to provide you the best information possible on thermogenic fat burners with high-quality ingredients so you can make an informed decision. With that being the case it might seem strange we would have a review on a product that is in no way a thermogenic fat burner. Privatest, as the name suggests, is a test and not a fat burner. The idea behind Privatest is good in theory but in practice it’s actually quite strange and bordering on a scam.

The basic premise of the Privatest product is for you to conduct a urinalysis on your own and send the results in to Privatest’s labs for analysis. You purchase the test, take the sample, and send it in for them to determine if you have free radical damage or toxic buildup that is preventing you from losing weight or otherwise operating at your best. Based on the results they formulate a multi-vitamin specific to your test results that will replenish whatever is missing and help your body get rid of whatever is causing problems. Not a bad idea but we all have free radical damage and toxic build up in our bodies it’s an unavoidable consequence of being alive. It seems strange to have to pay $140 to have a lab tell you that. Then they give you a multi-vitamin. Even if the multivitamin wasn’t custom made, as Privatest claims theirs will be, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy one for $10 that covers all your basis even if you may not need all it has to offer

Ingredients in Privatest

There really aren’t any ingredients in Privatest since it’s really just a test and the vitamins they send you will be different, so they claim, for every individual. Although I don’t know what the vitamins will contain I do know for certain they will not contain any fat burners.

Does Privatest offer a money-back guarantee?

Nope. Once you pee on something there really is no going back. The multi-vitamins are also custom and non-returnable. Plus it would be hard to say a multi-vitamin wasn’t working since we all need vitamins.

Final Thoughts

I hate to call anything a scam since that’s a harsh term and I don’t have any evidence to suggest Privatest is trying to do anything shady but when you charge someone $140 and give them a multi-vitamin it’s about as close to a scam as you are going to get. It’s at least in the same realm as selling snake oil. Living in the modern world exposes us to a lot of junk our body doesn’t need or want, that’s life. We need to take care of our health and a good multi-vitamin can be a good addition to any diet. That being said, we are concerned about raising metabolism and losing weight. I don’t care how custom the vitamin you get from Privatest is, it won’t be a proven fat burner. Save your money and try a one of the best thermogenic fat burners as rated by the customers who have tried them from this site.

Even though we DON'T give Privatest a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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