What is Phrentimine 37.5

Let’s boil down Phrentimine 37.5 into one basic concept: appetite suppressant. That’s essentially what you’re getting with this weight loss supplement. So if you’re looking for some type of “fat burner” this is not your product.

I get a lot of questions about what the 37.5 actually means in the product title. Some think it might be an arbitrary number selected to make the pill sound beefier or more technical. There might be some truth to that but there’s a more logical answer. 37.5 is actually the size and content of the capsule.

How does an appetite suppressant work?

There might be some of you who are curious as to how an appetite suppressant works – especially as a weight loss tool. Obviously the less you eat the less fat you have to burn. Now, studies have shown that not eating isn’t healthy; in fact it could lead to death.

So the point of the appetite suppressant is lost on those who eat healthy or are muscle builders who seek a little extra help in shedding a few unwanted pounds. Appetite suppressants, instead, are better suited for those individuals who have a hard time controlling the amount of food that they eat.

Are appetite suppressants like Phrentimine 37.5 a good way to lose weight?

To be quite frank, the jury is still out that. Products like Phrentimine 37.5 are somewhat effective in helping to curb the appetite but so much more goes into weight loss then just not eating. Eating right plays a big part of that as does exercise.

I prefer an appetite suppressant in my fat burner. That way I can kill two birds with one stone; I get the fat burning ingredients coupled with an appetite suppressant to help curb those hunger pains that might entice me to add on the weight I just burned off.

It should also be noted that appetite suppressors are considered a temporary fix. Once you stop taking them those urges and desires for food will return – they’re not a cure for overeating.

So unless you undergo a massive personality shift or can somehow overcome your desire to eat foods you shouldn’t then whatever cravings you had before the pill will return once you stop taking the pill.

But suppose I did want to buy Phrentimine 37.5, how does it work?

When Phrentimine 37.5 is introduced to the body it releases a chemical called phenyl-tertiary-butylamine which negatively interacts with the body’s natural chemical messengers whose function is to send signals to the brain telling it more food is needed.

This “interaction” confuses or tricks those messengers and instead of telling the brain that it wants food, the messengers instead tell the brain the stomach is full and additional food is unnecessary. This allows the dieters to experience feelings of satiety and the desire to eat decreases.

Could Phrentimine 37.5 lead to unwanted side effects?

We should caution you about the potential chance for side effects. As with many pills there is the chance that you could be come addicted to Phrentimine 37.5. If you find yourself taking too many pills a day or taking them longer then what your diet recommends you should consult a doctor immediately.

Other side effects that could occur from over usage include dizziness, tremors, anxiety and insomnia.

Final thoughts on Phrentimine 37.5

It’s a quick fix; it’s nothing that will help you keep fat off long term. There are many fat burners that also include a type of appetite suppressant, check those out. If you have the choice of getting both a burner and suppressant in the same easy package why not take advantage of it.

It seems a unnecessary step to take this pill when you could maximize your dollar by getting a pill that suppress the appetite and also burns fat. Another thing that worries me about Phrentimine 37.5 is it could be habit forming. How painful would it be to fight not only weight but also an addiction as well. I suggest you consider another option.

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