When trying to lose weight, there is a lot riding on your choice of thermogenic fat burner. The right weight loss pill should help you lose weight in a more effective way without endangering your health. One of the newer fat burners on the market that’s currently vying for your business is PhenteRipped.  PhenteRipped manufacturers claim the drug will help you lose weight faster, suppress your appetite, boost metabolism and increase muscle building to give you the best results.


Any good diet pill is measured by their ingredients, and PhenteRipped is no different. Here’s a look at some of the key ingredients of PhenteRipped and what they do.

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin touted as a natural way to boost metabolism and energy.
Methyl Phenylethylamine helps with weight loss, speeds up metabolism
Methyl Synephrine is used as a weight loss supplement, an alternative to ephedrine which will help reduce weight, increase lean muscle mass and suppress appetite. This ingredient is made from the Chinese herb bitter orange.
Evodiamine has shown to reduce fat in clinical studies
Lipolid-sc makers claim that this ingredient supports an increase in the rate of fat burning
Raspberry Ketones has shown to prevent high-fat-diet-induced elevations in body weight
Yhoimbine HCL is a weight loss supplement and works to suppress appetite. May lead to increased fat loss, especially in trouble areas such as the midsection for men and glutes and thighs for women.
Chromax is a trademarked blend of ingredients, which research has proven effective.  Chromium is an essential mineral that promotes a strong and healthy metabolism and also helps with blood sugar levels. Chromax chromium picolinate also enhances carbohydrate and fat metabolism for more effective weight management

Some of the other ingredients in PhenteRipped include Ginger, Caffeine Anhydrous usp, Humulus Lupus, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Bioperine and Quercetin.

PhenteRipped also includes the exact amount of each ingredient in their product, so you can gauge what your reactions might be if you have any kind of allergy or sensitivity.

Side Effects of PhenteRipped

PhenteRipped does contain some stimulating ingredients, so you may experience some side effects which may include headaches, anxiety, insomnia, the jitters, nausea, nervousness, and abdominal pain.


PhenteRipped is currently retailing for $69.95 for the first bottle and $119.95 for two bottles. By far the best way to buy PhenteRipped is to buy three bottles for $149.95 as you also get three bottles of the 7-Day Diet Pill.  PhenteRipped offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it and you won’t be out any money.

Final Thoughts

PhenteRipped includes quality ingredients that will help you with your weight loss goals. Proven effective by multiple physicians and healthcare specialists, these ingredients in the right ratios will most likely lead to positive results.

And although the price is a little high, we believe the drug just may turn out to be worth every penny. PhenteRipped is a high-quality thermogenic fat burner and will be the beginning of a new you!

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