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MRI NO2 Charger MRI No2 ChargerThis protein drink mix is not necessarily a fat burner, but is intended to aid in the recovery and growth of muscle after a workout.  Unlike other drink mixes that concentrate only on protein, this adds several other key ingredients that increase energy, focus, and includes compounds that aid muscle growth.  It’s made for body builders specifically, but if you are one who is looking for an extra edge during your workout and that amplifies your results after, MRI No2 Charger may be worth learning more about. 

The ingredients inside MRI No2 Charger:

MRI Charger contains 5 proprietary blends of ingredients. Although MRI doesn’t disclose the exact amount of each ingredient, the 5 blends contain a whopping 52,242 mg, which is rare.  Below is a breakdown of the 5 blends.

HP2 Nano-Protein Blend – This is the whey isolate protein blend.  The protein particles have been scientifically engineered to be 10,000 smaller than normal proteins.  These ultra-small particles are more easily absorbed to enable greater muscle growth.  Also included is this blend are L-Arginine and Alpha Ketoglutarate, which generates a large amount of  nitric oxide, which increases blood flow thus helping to deliver more nutrients to muscles, enabling them to become larger when exercised. 

Muscle Gene Activation (M.G.A.) Blend – This is a scientifically formulated compound of amino acids that aids in the building of new muscle proteins.  The main amino acid is L-Leucine.  Another ingredient is the patented Tex-OE, which helps the body convert proteins you eat into muscle usable protein for peak muscle growth.  Two forms of Creatine are also included, Creatine Ethyl Ester and Creatine Anhydrous, which help to supply energy to muscles. 

Rapid Energy Activator (R.E.A.) Blend – This blend includes a potent trio of L-Taurine, glucoronolactone and caffeine, which support focus, intensity, and endurance. 

Tryspogen 320 Proprietary Enzyme Blend – This blend is made of enzymes that make the most out the other nutrients in MRI No2 Charger.   Proteins are broken down into amino acids that are then taken to the muscle cells to help repair and growth.  The protein enzymes are Protease I and Protease II, as well are bromelain and papain.   To aid in the breakout of carbohydrates, two enzymes, amylases and lactase are used.  This creates sugars that are either used for immediate energy or used to help replenish glycogen stores.  Also, lipids are broken down into fatty acids by the ingredient Lipase, thereby releasing their full energy potential.

MRI Lean Lipid Blend – This blend includes high oleic sunflower oil and soy lecithin.  Sunflower oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fats, support a strong cardiovascular system and soy lecithin is an excellent source of the phospholipids which help make up the outer layers of cells and nerve tissue.   These fatty acids can provide the body with energy and fuel, which allows more protein to be used for muscle repair and growth instead of being burned as energy.

Final Thoughts:

As far as a protein drink mix, MRI No2 Charger takes the next step to greater results.  MRI has done its homework in knowing what ingredients are effective, and more important, that when they are combined, work together to enable each to reach its greatest potential.  Although I would definitely not recommend this as a fat burner, because it absolutely isn’t one, MRI No2 Charger is a promising product that could improve your workouts and amplify your results allowing you to achieve the body you’ve been longing for.

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