LipoRedux Review:

Liporedux LipoRedux is made by Star Mark Laboratories. They explain on the website, “We’ve all been there before, having reached our dieting set point- where those extra 7-10 lbs of stubborn fat just don’t seem to come off anymore- no matter what we try. Well, Liporedux was specifically formulated to provide you with the key ingredients to make weight loss come with ease. Finally, LipoRedux will blast right through your dieting set point and continue to torch every last ounce of body fat in its path.”

LipoRedux sounds more like a group of pillaging Vikings, torching and blasting through small villages. Let’s examine some of the key ingredients to see if LipoRedux really will help you lose those last 10 pounds of stubborn fat.

Ingredients in LipoRedux:

The key ingredients in LipoRedux include: Green tea extract, polyphenols, EGCG, Phenethylamine (PEA), caffeine anhydrous, Hordenine, Norfenefrine, and 3,5-Diidothyronine.

LipoRedux categorizes these ingredients based on the specific roles they play. PEA and Hordenine are part of Phase 1 (mood enhancement). These ingredients increase dopamine levels which should improve your mood…like eating chocolate (according to the website).

Phase 2 is Norfenefrine (ephedra substitute). “Norfenefrine unfolds its powers through the stimulation of the alpha-1 adrenoreceptor, which in turn stimulates the release of glucose into the blood stream as well as through the increased breakdown of fatty acids.” These results are based on a couple of studies cited on the website.

Phase 3 is Green tea. Green tea is well known for its thermogenic benefits and it is widely used as a weight loss aid.

Phase 4 is 3,5-Diidothyronine. This chemical is supposed to increase your resting metabolic rate by increasing the action of certain enzymes in the mitochondria.

The great thing about LipoRedux is that its ingredients are supported by several clinical studies and the science behind LipoRedux is sound.

Does LipoRedux Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

You can’t buy LipoRedux directly from the Star Mark website. There is no information on the website about refunds or guarantees. LipoRedux was sold through, but has been discontinued. If you want to buy it you will probably have to get it through eBay or something.

Final Thoughts:

I actually like the ingredients in LipoRedux and I think that Star Mark labs does a good job with explaining how it works and showing that the ingredients are clinically proven. However, since it has been discontinued it makes you wonder was there something wrong with the formula or was it unsafe? Maybe they will come out with a new and improved version soon. But for now, you should probably go with another supplement. Check out some of our top rated products if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight.

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