Intek Fat Burner Evolution Review

Intek Fat Burner EvolutionFat on your hips, thighs and butt can be as stubborn as the stain on your favorite dress. No matter what you do neither seems to budge.  There are countless fat burners that aim to make it easier for you to lose weight by raising both metabolism and energy levels.

Intek Fat Burner Evolution is a product that claims to accomplish these tasks more effectively than other fat burners on the market.  What is included in Intek Fat Burner Evolution? Does it work?

Ingredients in Intek Fat Burner Evolution

Intek Fat Burner Evolution has quite a list of ingredients.  These ingredients are advertised to improve thyroid function, suppress appetite, and increase metabolic rate.

They use a proprietary blend of ingredients which is usually a concern because it indicates that they are trying to hide something.  This blend is nearly 3000 mg which leaves room for significant amounts of the ingredients.  But are there too many ineffective ingredients in Intek Fat Burner Evolution to make room for the ones that work?

Intek Fat Burner Evolution uses vitamin B12, zinc, chromium, dandelion root, buchu leaf, juniper berry, caffeine anhydrous, white willow bark, citrus aurantium, acacia rigidula, cayenne, ginger root, theobromine anhydrous, guggul lipids, 7-OXO coleous, kelp, hoodia, fucoxanthin, calcium carbonate, niacin, and magnesium stearate.

From this list of ingredients you can see that several may actually reduce weight.  But there are also a lot of filler that have little to do with weight loss.

You get some diuretics in the formula making it easy to lose water weight.  This kind of weight loss will not be sustainable but may still be beneficial since it allows you to see fast results.

Hoodia is used to suppress appetite but it is not an ingredient that has been proven to reduce appetite.  In fact, research shows it may provide few benefits.

Both caffeine and synephrine can raise metabolism making it easier to lose weight.  However, not enough of these ingredients are used to make a difference.  They let you know that you get 30 mg of synephrine in the formula.  To see results you would need 150 mg.

You should expect some side effects when using Intek Fat Burner Evolution because of the stimulants and diuretics.  These may include the following.

  • headaches
  • excessive urination
  • dizziness
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • jitteriness
  • increased heart rate

Does Intek Fat Burner Evolution offer a money-back guarantee?

A month supply of Intek Fat Burner Evolution is $69.99.  They do not post information on a money back guarantee but rather instruct you to contact them if you have any questions.

Final Thoughts

At first glance Intek Fat Burner Evolution seems to have a formula that could help you to lose fat fast.  Unfortunately, it is not the best thermogenic fat burners because it does not use the necessary amounts of each ingredient to produce lasting weight loss results.

For a fat burner that is guaranteed to work take a look at some of the top options that have been included below.

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