HumaPro Review:

humapro 150x150 HumaPro HumaPro is produced by ALR Industries. It is supposed to be a revolutionary form of protein (patent pending) to replace traditional whey protein powders. According to ALR Industries, most protein supplements use cow milk (20% whey and 80% casein) as the source of their protein powder. Human breast milk is 60% whey and 40% casein.

And even beyond those numbers, whey protein from cows is predominantly found in the beta-lactoglobulin form; whereas whey from humans is mostly alpha-lactalbumin.

Who cares? What does it all mean? Well, HumaPro believes that the most efficient form of protein for humans is found in a mother’s breast milk, so why not create a supplement that contains the same great nutrients? Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

Ingredients in HumaPro:

HumaPro contains Ajinomoto Amino Acids. They explain that, “HumaPro® starts with a specific vegetable origin 8 essential amino acid (EAAs) formulation that takes into account the exact HUMAN enzymic [sic] conversion of, and utilization rates for, all amino acids the body needs for optimal health. Did you know that if you removed even one of the EAAs for even one day from your diet for the day your body would utilize none of the protein you take in? Okay, for lean mass growth that is. The human body will use the insufficient protein to make glucose, if needed, certainly store some as fat and give you plenty of me time in the bathroom to deposit the lions share. So an exact EAAs ratio is paramount.”

ALR Industries claim that it takes 1 gram of HumaPro to outperform 5.6 grams of the best whey protein. Such confidence stems from the NNU (Net Nitrogen Utilization) ratio of HumaPro compared to other protein sources. The NNU helps show how much the amino acids in proteins are actually being used and incorporated by an organism. The higher the ratio the more efficient the protein is. HumaPro claims to have a 99:1 ratio…very efficient.

Does HumaPro Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

No. There is no mention of a refund policy or money back guarantee on the HumaPro website. If you buy HumaPro from other sites or stores they might have their own refund policies, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Final Thoughts:

HumaPro looks and sounds pretty legit. I have a few problems with it, however.

First, the research they have comparing HumaPro to traditional whey powders is crap. I read all three research articles on their website and noticed that they weren’t actually studies done on HumaPro. The articles were merely conglomerations of other studies (some related and some not) done on whey protein. And their conclusions were a bit misleading, full of misspellings (it is summary not summery) and not related to the actual results.

Second, where is the proof that HumaPro is so much better than whey? You keep telling me it’s better, but you never show me how. The “research” and charts are mostly fluff.

In summary, HumaPro could be significantly better than whey, but they haven’t convinced me that it is. If you’re sick of whey protein powders and they make you bloated and gassy then try HumaPro. It costs about $40 per jug. It might do the trick. Just keep in mind that HumaPro is not a thermogenic fat burner and it will not cause weight loss.

Even though we DON'T give HumaPro a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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