Hot Wired by Geared Up Review

hot wired by geared upGeared Up Nutrition has a full line of body building fat burners.  They claim that using their products will allow you to look like one of the insanely muscular men featured on the website.  I have a cousin looking to gain more muscle.  Will he be able to lose fat with Hot Wired but gain massive amounts of muscle in the process?

Hot Wired by Geared Up Nutrition does not appear to have a lot of information.  It may be a new product that is just coming out but there is little information on ingredients and effectiveness.  Let’s dive in further to Geared Up Nutrition to see what we may expect from using Hot Wired.

Ingredients in Hot Wired

Most of the muscle building fat burners use similar ingredients.  We anticipate that Hot Wired will have some of these same ingredients as well.  They include:

  • creatine monohydrate
  • yohimbe
  • hoodia
  • coleus forskohlii
  • caffeine
  • ephedra
  • amino acids

Many of these ingredients are common because they are known to either work as fat burners or muscle enhancers.  Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle development so it would be unusual to see a product without these.

Hoodia is used for its supposed appetite suppressing properties.  Appetite suppressants make it possible to lose fat fast but hoodia is not a proven product.  In fact, studies show it is not effective at all.

Hot Wired may include ephedra.  We would hope that it includes an ephedra alternative because this ingredient has been banned by the FDA and is known to be unsafe.

Side effects when using Geared Up Nutrition products obviously vary depending on the ingredients that are included in the formula.  We can guess that Hot Wired uses some stimulating ingredients to increase energy (for longer workouts!) and burn fat.  If this is the case you can anticipate side effects such as jitteriness, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, headaches, increased heart rate, and heart palpitations.

Does Hot Wired by Geared Up offer a money-back guarantee?

Contact information is provided for Geared Up Nutrition.  This is essential since if you have any questions about their products since not much information is included.

I’m still waiting to hear back about Hot Wired but I’m hopeful they will return my emails and calls.

Unfortunately, information on a money back guarantee or even a returns policy is not posted anywhere.  Usually we look for fat burners that use high quality ingredients but also include a guarantee just in case it does not work for you since even the best fat burners may not work for everyone who tries them.

Final Thoughts

Geared Up Nutrition has quite a line of products.  Their bodybuilders that claim to use the products seem to experience tons of results but the average consumer is dissatisfied according to consumer reviews.  As a general rule I would probably avoid the Geared Up Nutrition products in favor of the best thermogenic fat burners.  Hot Wired would not be my first choice especially since so little information is available about it.

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Hot Wired by Geared Up Customer Reviews

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    not to mention ploepe dont realize you cant burn fat . fat cells can grow, shrink, and multiply. the only way you can burn a fat cell is literally do have a doctor go in a burn the fat away haha. muscle cells are the only thing that you can actually lose because our body doesnt want a lot of muscle. we are made to store fat for energy not muscle. thats why in starvation mode you switch from burning bodyfats to burning off muscle.

    By Adriana
    Posted on July 29, 2012 at 4:04 am

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