green tea fat burner Green TeaGreen tea has taken the nutrition industry by storm.  Everywhere you turn, it’s green tea this or green tea that.  Despite what you may encounter on the Internet or in a magazines, green tea is not the magic pill or supplement that some manufactures would have you believe. There is no such pill. No such supplement. I think we all understand that. That said, we know some supplements can aid in weight loss and also play a part in weight prevention.  Green tea is certainly one of those supplements that can help a dieter in his or her quest to drop pounds.

How does Green Tea Work?

Most of the science available seems to substantiate a line between green tea and weight loss. How definitive that line is, is where the battle begins.  Green tea is thought to help in numerous ways including increasing one’s metabolism. Green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechin polphenols, which are known to stimulate the metabolism—some studies say it can stimulate it by as much as 4%.

It can also help remove the excess of triglycerides, which are responsible for keeping the body’s energy levels up, but when there’s an excess floating around in the system they can turn into fat. Green tea triggers an important enzyme that’s responsible for removing these excess triglycerides from the body.

Green Tea as an appetite suppressant

Green tea can also act as an appetite suppressant.  A study performed by the University of Chicago found that rats injected with green team lost their appetite by as much as 60%. No need to explain how appetite suppression helps one lose weight right? The less you eat, the fewer calories the body has to burn. An appetite suppressant typically works better with severely overweight people who have difficult time controlling their hunger urges.

Bottom line is this.  Green tea works, it is proven to work. The science backs it up.  But some companies will embellish how effective green tea is. Claims like, “lose 30 pounds in days” are simply outrageous.  In our opinion, green tea is a solid supplement and would go well with most diets.  It will help, but to what degree, depends on entirely on the individual.