Forslean ForsleanForslean is a popular weight loss supplement extracted from a plant native to subtropical environments like India and Thailand and patented by a company called Sabinsa. The herb from which Forslean derives, is called Coleus forskohlii and in it is a compound called forskolin.

This compound is what gives Forslean its power.  Forskolin is known to increase lean body mass and stimulates a process in the body called cAMP which results in the body burning energy and fat cells. This cAMP plays an interesting role in the human body.

Allow me to get all biological for a minute but the release of cAMP protein’s activate something called HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) which eventually results in the body tearing down body fat and sending it into the bloodstream.

Forskolin can also help improve the functions of the thyroid, which play an important part in the overall function of the body—but especially in determining the body’s metabolic rate.  Of course, the lower the metabolic rate, the less burning of fat that will occur.  Forskolin will help stimulate that process and improve mood and energy levels.

Of course forskolin has become a popular compound and it can be found in many forms but the most effective, and maybe the most popular is Sabinsa’s Forslean.  At this point it is not used as the primary tool for weight loss, but works best when other solid ingredients accompany it in the pill or product.

Although there are several studies performed on Forslean, there really isn’t definitive research that says this product could be a primary method of weight loss.  But when working in partnership, dieters seem to have better results.

How can I maximize Forslean’s potential?

Because it’s considered a safe and more natural supplement, there are no known side effects.  That means it has a pretty solid safety record. But for it to be most effective, and this is common with most other weight loss supplements, it needs to be used properly.

That means taking a Forslean based product 2-3 times daily with the target dosage of 25-60 mg per day.  If those directions are followed the chances of Forslean increasing are improved.  From what we are able to deduct, Forslean is a solid supplement and should be strongly considered as an effective weight loss ingredient.