Fitness FX Videos Review:

Fitness FX Videos Fitness FX Videos are workout videos (mostly aerobic with a little resistance training) that you can use at your leisure in your own home. As with most workout DVD’s, Fitness FX Videos have a workout leader who both tells you and shows you how to perform the moves. You follow along with him or her throughout the entire routine. They play upbeat music in the background to help you stay energized and on your feet.

There are different video programs you can buy with Fitness FX Videos. They include: Blast, Stomp, Pump, Groove, Fight, and Jump. Although each workout video is different, they all try to help you accomplish the same goal: lose weight and get in shape.

Ingredients in Fitness FX Videos:

Obviously there are no “ingredients” in these workout DVD’s. But, we can discuss what makes them different from other home-exercise programs.

Fitness FX Videos place a lot of emphasis on dance and choreography. Most of the programs utilize various dance moves and styles in their routines. For example, I watched a preview for one of the workouts on YouTube. There was a guy (wearing jeans for some reason) incorporating Latin dance moves like the samba into an aerobic routine. It was a little weird to see some dude exercising and dancing in jeans, I must admit.

You can watch plenty of short clips on YouTube as well if you want to get a better idea as to what kind of workouts and routines Fitness FX Videos have in store for you.

The other thing to keep in mind is that these videos are not really designed to improve strength. Programs like P90X focus a lot more on building lean muscle than Fitness FX Videos do. I have actually done part of the P90X program and I liked it. I didn’t do the diet aspect of the program so I didn’t really see the kind of results I wanted to, but that’s my own fault.

I think programs like P90X and Fitness FX Videos are valuable because they can motivate people to get off the couch and do some exercise. However, I also believe they are overpriced. You can get an 80’s workout video with Susan Summers or Richard Simmons for next to nothing and the workouts accomplish the same basic purpose as Fitness FX Videos (not so much with P90X since it has more resistance training). If you burn calories with both, why pay 10X more for Fitness FX Videos?

Do Fitness FX Videos Offer a Money Back Guarantee?


Final Thoughts:

One DVD (by itself) costs $24.28. That’s quite a bit to pay for one workout DVD. If you wanted each category of Fitness FX Videos it would cost you a pretty penny.

Here’s the bottom line: If these types of home-workout DVD’s get you motivated and off the couch when nothing else does, then you should consider trying Fitness FX Videos. But, don’t expect any groundbreaking routines. The only real difference between Fitness FX Videos and all other aerobic videos is that the trainers in Fitness FX Videos have British accents…and they all seem to wear pants for some reason. If foreigners working out in pants gets you fired up for exercise then Fitness FX Videos are definitely for you.

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