Fire Burn by GE Pharma Review

fireburn-issDon’t you love it when people think they are exempt from the rules?  What if everyone thought is was okay to go around stealing your car?  Or if you never got to the front of the line at the grocery store because everyone jumped in front of you?

It can be a real pain in the you-know-where when someone decides he is exempt from the rules.  At times it may even be dangerous.

I’m talking about Fire Burn by GE Pharma.

This thermogenic fat burner uses ingredients that have been banned by the FDA.  Is choosing a fat burner that seems to be above the rules a safe and effective option for weight loss?

Ingredients in Fire Burn by GE Pharma

Back in the day ephedra was one of the most effective fat burners and was included in everything.  Unfortunately, since that time it has been discovered that ephedra is a dangerous ingredient to use because it leads to seizures, stroke, and in some cases, death.

Fire Burn is one of the few fat burners that uses ephedra and they have 27 mg in their formula.  Are there any high quality ingredients that will lead to results?

Ephedra, evodiamine, sida cordifolia phenylethylamine HCL, citrus aurantium, pure white willow bark, yohimbe extract, caffeine anhydrous, guarana, yerba mate, hoodia, panax ginseng, citrus aurantium, green tea, and 5-HTP are the ingredients used in Fire Burn.

Some of these ingredients are proven to work in causing weight loss.  But others are more likely to cause side effects.

All the stimulating ingredients in Fire Burn will lead to side effects such as headaches, nervousness, dizziness, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, increased heart rate, jitteriness, increased blood pressure, and heart palpitations. These are the side effects you could expect without ephedra so multiply them a couple times to anticipate what it will be like using an ephedra fat burner.

Does Fire Burn by GE Pharma offer a money-back guarantee?

Fire Burn costs $34.95 for a bottle with 100 capsules which is a reasonable price (just add a bunch on that for your health bills).  I could not find information about a money guarantee but that is not surprising considering the product.

Final Thoughts

Fire Burn by GE Pharma would have you believe that ephedra alternatives are not effective.  While that used to be the case, there are now plenty of products that use alternatives and work even better because they do not cause side effects.

Some of the ingredients in Fire Burn are not proven to reduce weight in any way so you get absolutely no benefit.  And before you decide to risk your health with Fire Burn read the long list of people who are not advised to use this thermogenic fat burner.

Fire Burn is a far cry from the best thermogenic fat burners.  They think they are above the rules but with safe alternatives for weight loss readily available (take a look below) there is no reason you need to risk your health just to lose a few pounds.

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