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Energy Slim Weight Control Liquid Review

energy slim 500x500 300x300 Energy Slim Weight Control LiquidEnergy Slim is a liquid weight control formula that was created and is produced by the Australians. Energy slim boasts heavily on the fact that it was recently listed on the Australian register of Therapeutic Goods.  This fact, unfortunately, means very little to us Americans.  Energy Slim claims to help the user increase fat burning fat while offering a boost in energy and mental awareness.  Energy Slim says it will block the calories from carbohydrates and fats in your diet and prevent them from turning into real fat cells.  It also claims to help breakdown stored body fat.  All of these claims seem a bit exaggerated to me.  If you claim that a supplement can not only block the production of fat and basically kill existing fat cells, I for one, would need to see some serious science to back it up, which Energy Slim seems to be lacking. One huge benefit of Energy Slim, in my opinion, is the fact that is in liquid form.  The liquid is more quickly absorbed into the blood stream as opposed to a pill or powder which requires the body to work hard and longer to dissolve and assimilate the supplement.

Ingredients in Energy Slim Weight Control Liquid

The active ingredients in Energy Slim are green tea, coleus, white willow bark, green coffee, guarana, L-Carnitine, and vitamin B3.  While most of these ingredients are pretty standard in many diet supplements there are a few that may not be as recognizable such as coleus.  Coleus is apparently the miracle found in Energy Slim.  According to Energy Slim it helps “block the body from absorbing carbohydrates and fats, starving stored fat cells in the body as they shrink away.”  There have been a couple small studies done on coleus in regards to weight loss with conflicting results.  Some claim it works and others claim it has no affect on losing or blocking fat.  Again, with the strong claims Energy Slim makes in regards to Coleus, I would like to see more scientific support.  Another component of Energy Slim that may not be as known is white willow bark.  White willow bark has been known to be a natural way to reduce fever and inflammation.  Energy Slim claims it will make you feel better, and if you feel better you will want to keep on your diet plan.  White willow bark has been known to cause gastrointestinal problems and stomach ulcers in some.

Does Energy Slim offer a money-back guarantee?

Energy Slim does not offer a money-back guarantee on their website.  This is a bit troubling to me.  I would definitely feel more secure in ordering Energy Slim if I knew my money would not be wasted if I did not feel the product was working for me.  A good return policy is a must for me.

Final Thoughts

I feel that Energy Slim would definitely give you the boost of energy it promises with ingredients like guarana and green tea, however, I would definitely like to see some more research and science to back up its other fat burning and fat starving claims.  I would also like them to offer some sort of guarantee, especially with the lack of scientific proof in some of their ingredients.  Overall, one may have some success with this supplement but it may not be the miracle that the Australians’ at Energy Slim claim it to be.

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