DNA ImageSome would have you believe that Ecdysterone will give you the proportional strength of an insect.  Think like Spider-man or something along those lines.  Well, that’s obviously not true. You can’t extract bug mutations, stick them into your body, and then expect to be able to lift Volkswagens. That would simply be unreasonable. But can Ecdysteronen have some muscle building properties on a much smaller scale? Let’s at least examine how this product is purported to work.

How does Ecdysterone work?

Here is what we know about Ecdysterone: It was first discovered in the early 1960’s by Russian scientists who found Ecdysterone could maintain a positive nitrogen balance and also increase protein synthesis in vertebrates. This process creates the perfect environment for muscle growth to occur. Some feel that if this perfect anabolic environment could be maintained or controlled then maximum muscle mass would happen.

Whether or not, Ecdysterone creates this ideal muscle growth environment is hard to prove.  Even though Ecdysterone was discovered close to 5 decades ago it was awfully expensive to extract.  The technology just wasn’t there to mass-produce it on a high level. It wasn’t until the start of this decade that labs were able to produce it on a cost-effective basis and since then it has gained in popularity.

It can give off that gut turning vibe, considering it’s an extract from a insect but keep in mind these substances are all bio-engineered—you’re not really putting bug guts into your system.

The decade has seen nearly 50 studies performed on Ecdysterone, with mixed results. Many of the often-quoted studies were performed by the Soviet Union in the late 80’s, which claim it stimulates a process called erythropoiesis, a process partially responsible for developing red blood cells. Those red blood cells help increase protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. Again, that goes back to the perfect muscle-building environment theory.

Final thoughts on Ecdysterone

It’s hard to give an accurate rating on this product. I think you’ll find that some people really like it, while others feel it a complete waste of money.  I know that doesn’t really help but that’s the honest truth.  There is a lot of back and forth on this product and its effectiveness as muscle builder.  It appears from the studies, however, that it can work and might be worth the consideration.