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Slim-XAre you a bit of a procrastinator? So am I. It wasn’t until about a month before my wedding that I realized I needed to kick it into high gear.  I was ready to slip into my wedding dress but that honeymoon on the beach?  There was no way I wanted to be in a skimpy bikini!  That’s when I renewed my dieting and exercise efforts.  And to make results even faster I chose a high quality fat burner that got me bikini ready in no time.

Slim X claims that it can help you to get slimmed down in no time.  They say that it is one of the fastest and safest options for weight loss around.  And when you use Slim X you get an added benefit since it may prevent you from gaining the weight back.

Ingredients in Slim X

The formula for Slim X is very simple.  The include just one ingredient–CLA.  Conjugated linoleic acid has recently popped up as being a beneficial ingredient in diet pills.  Clinical research indicates that it may be able to stimulate fat burning and increase muscle mass among users.

When you have more muscle it can actually make it easier for you to lose weight.  This is because muscle burns more calories than fat.  If you add a pound of muscle you can expect your metabolism to be increased naturally by around 50 calories.

One study on CLA showed that it is an effective option for weight loss.  In this study participants were given either a placebo or a CLA supplement and told not to change their diet or exercise routine.  At the end of this study those who consumed the supplement lost about 4% of their body fat.

Another study did not show users of CLA to lose a lot of weight but they were able to sustain their weight loss for longer than ever before after they stopped using the supplement.  Research seems to be somewhat mixed as to the results you can expect.

For the most part Slim X is not going to cause side effects.  Some people report nausea but following the instructions for use seems to be safe.  However, if you use Slim X for an extended period of time you may experience heart or blood vessel problems.

Does Slim X offer a money-back guarantee?

You get a 30 day money back guarantee when you buy Slim X which is encouraging.  It costs $50 which is a lot but since you can get your money back at least you do not have to worry about losing money if it does not work.

Final Thoughts

Using CLA helped me to lose weight and get ready for my wedding but I used it with some other clinically proven ingredients.  Slim X would not be my first choice to recommend just because it is lacking in some other areas.  If you are intrigued by the use of CLA try one of the top recommended fat burners that uses it with proven ingredients.

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