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logoRarely do we review actually weight loss websites, we tend to stick to the product themselves, but sometimes we feel the need to “warn our neighbor” so-to-speak when we see something that looks too fishy.

Most of the time, these sales sites do a solid job of self-regulation; although, it’s important to be careful where you spend your dollars. Sometimes we come across sites that give us pause, such as a website called  Here’s out advice: stay away!

Basically, this website, a nearly identical copy of more successful websites, gives us an uneasy feeling. There are several problems with this website, that could translate to lost dollars to those who aren’t careful. Let’s talk about a few of them.

What Are These Pills?

The first thing that caught our eye was the weight loss pills the site recommended. To be quite honest, I’d heard of very few their top-ranked pills and quite frankly that concerns me. Usually you’ll find an Apidexin or Phenphedrine, maybe a hydroxycut produced product on most websites, but not on this website.

Their top two recommendations are Adilozan and Trupherine. There’s nothing wrong with recommending pills that not everyone agrees with, but when they’re so far out there, it makes us question their agenda.

When you try and click on the product for more information, information is not what you’re getting. They leave out key information regarding certain products and fail to explain why certain ingredients are better then others. Part of owning an online store is educating consumers something dietgalaxy could do a better job doing.

Broken Links?

DietGalaxyScreenCaptureHere’s something else that concerns me: links that go nowhere. They claim to provide easy links to customer service representatives but when I go to click on that appropriate link, nothing happens. It’s almost as if they don’t actually have customer service representatives or they didn’t spend enough time on the website to ensure it works properly.  All those things raise red flags for us.

We also clicked on their FAQ’s tab and while it did take us to another page (hurrah!) we noticed a lot of the information was wrong. They have contradicting information and even use wrong names for several of the products. That certainly doesn’t instill confidence now does it? Why spend my money on a website that was so shoddily put together; with all the risks out there, I think it’s best to spend your dollars elsewhere.

Lack of Information

They do offer a money-back guarantee, but again, I have my suspicions. I think they could have been a little bit more forthcoming about their policy, especially when it takes so long to find an actual link that will take me to the guarantee page. It all looks a little too risky for us.

Final thoughts

As we mentioned off the top, we rarely review sales sites but take special caution if you venture onto dietgalaxy; there are things that just don’t add up. It seems oddly similar to other reputable online diet pill stores. Not that is a problem but copycat websites are good indication that something might not be right.

Also, because not everything works on the website (think links or tab buttons) it appears it was put up in a haste to ride the coattails of other sites. It all leaves us with an unsettling feeling in our guts. There are a lot good places where you can purchase good weight loss products so why waste your money on a questionable website.

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