Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

in Thermogenic Fat Burner Ingredients

 Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)CLA is a group of 13 isomers of linoleic acids that studies have proven to help reduce abdominal fat.  If you’re unfamiliar with CLA it’s because the human body does not produce it naturally.  It is introduced to the body several ways, but the most popular seems to be through the meat of commonly consumed animals like, cattle, deer, bison and so forth. CLA has been extracted from these foods in hopes that it will have the same effects when packaged as a weight loss supplement.

Because CLA has been around for close to 30 years there has been an abundant amount of studies performed on it. Many of those contradict, depending upon which one you read.  I read one study that said dieters lost an average of 6 pounds of body fat while taking CLA.  Another study noted that dieters, who used CLA to lose initial weight, were less likely to have weight turn back into fat once they quit the diet.

In fact, the weight was more likely to return as muscle then fat.  There are other reported benefits to CLA as well, especially with cancer related problems.  One study showed mice that had taken CLA had 20% less tumors then others.  Those results seemed pretty concrete, so I thought it worth noting.

By the same token, the picture isn’t perfect.  There are some who are concerned that CLA could induce diabetes in some overweight people.  Whether or not that’s true, is hard to prove.  But it appears that, if you’re really overweight, it might be wise to consult a doctor before purchasing a CLA based product. Also, if you’re eating these types of food already, why do you need to supplement your body with more?  Might CLA supplements be overkill?  Maybe, but some nutritionists think the body isn’t getting enough in the traditional diet, so some type of supplement wouldn’t hurt.

Final thoughts on CLA

If you do decide to go with any type of CLA based product, it’s important that you get the proper amounts of CLA into your system.  If you fail to do so, it would limit how effective the supplement can be. It is recommended you take close to 3.4g per day. That would require you to take several capsules per day.

That’s pretty standard. Most other weight loss pills or products require you to take them at least once to twice a day.  To make sure you get the most out of CLA, make sure you use the proper amounts.