chromate ChromiumAny type of chromium supplement should be considered a bonus when considering any type of weight loss product but in our estimation that should be about the extent of it.  There are products out there that use a chromium substance as its driving ingredient and that seems a bit over-the-top to us. I would look for chromium as a supplemental ingredient, tossed into to help increase certain products effectiveness.  I think if its done in that method, the chances of chromium being effective increase.

How does Chromium work?

The body uses chromium to help transmit glucose and other carbohydrates to muscle cells instead of fat cells, thus increasing lean muscle mass and eliminating the storage of fat cells. Chromium also acts as an appetite suppressant, helping the body and mind eliminate those annoying hunger pains.

What does clinical research say about Chromium?

I’ve found plenty of research that seems to substantiate these claims. One study done on the effects of chromium saw that those who took products that were supplemented with chromium lost almost 7 pounds of body fat. That’s pretty significant.  Again, that’s why I think chromium is a nice addition to any weight loss product.

Chromium can also help the body stimulate the process of insulin, which all diabetics can attest to of its importance. Insulin helps manage the body’s breakdown of glucose and other fat.  Ask a diabetic what happens with that process isn’t managed naturally. Chromium is by no means a cure for diabetes; I simply think it worth noting that it may help the body regulate blood sugar levels.

Side effects of Chromium

As for side effects, there really aren’t any listed. I have seen some reports that it could tinker with a person’s sleeping pattern but that information could be isolated. I think the best thing chromium has going for it—in terms of a weight loss fighter—is its ability to act as an appetite suppressant; anything more than that would be a bonus.