Cellean Review

With all the packaged food and pollution we are exposed to our livers have a tough job removing all the toxins. By choosing a thermogenic fat burner designed to remove toxins from the body and eliminate excess waste you can give your liver a break.

Cellean is a thermogenic fat burner that promises to do more than just remove excess waste.  They also claim that it will be able to raise your metabolism and make fat burning an easy task.  No more fighting to button that top button on your jeans!  Cellean makes lots of claims.  But is the formula powerful enough to make a difference in weight loss?

Ingredients in Cellean

African Mango, Acai, Vitamin D, Maqui Fruit, Green Tea, Sensoril Trim

Like most fat burners, Cellean claims to use high-quality ingredients but they do not indicate how much of each ingredient is used.  Without knowing this key piece of information you may not be getting a product that is proven to work.

African mango is a new ingredient in diet pills that has been proven to cause impressive results.  In some clinical trials it has been shown to reduce body weight by almost 30 pounds!  But you need a certain amount and Cellean does not disclose if they are able to provide that.

Acai and maqui fruit are primarily good for their antioxidant benefits.  These ingredients are some of the primary reasons that they claim to reduce antioxidants and free radicals.

Green tea is easily the most popular ingredient in diet pills.  But again, you need enough to make a difference in weight loss.  If they have included enough green tea it can raise your metabolism and make fat burning easier.  Many people use green tea with a good diet and exercise program to ensure they see results.

Does Cellean offer a money-back guarantee?

This is where we become concerned.  Cellean claims that you will be 100% satisfied but their business practices seem to be a little shady.

They offer a free trial.

At first glance this sounds perfect.  What better way to try a new fat burner than to use it without risking your own money?  But beware.  They get your credit card information to charge shipping.  From there the small print says they will charge you $89.52 if you do not return Cellean within 14 days.  That is for the product you already received (it’s not really free) and a membership.

Every month after this you will also get charged about $70 for a new shipment.  They claim it is easy to cancel payment but it takes most people several months before things are straightened out.

Final Thoughts

Cellean has some quality ingredients but without knowing if they are included in the right amounts it’s tough to say if you are going to lose weight or just money.  The free trial offer is just a huge scam and hundreds of people are disappointed with the product and upset over the amount of money they lost.  Have you tried Cellean and fallen victim to the scam?  Did things get worked out?

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