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Canephora Robusta Review

OT2 150x150 Canephora RobustaThis is a common ingredient in many diet, weight loss, and energy and workout supplements. It is a species of coffee that has its origins in central and western sub-Saharan Africa. It is mostly grown in Vietnam, which has surpassed other big produces such as Brazil, India and Indonesia. It is now the biggest producer of Canephora Robusta in the world. It is easier to care for than other major species of coffee and has a bigger crop yield, so it is therefore cheaper to produce. It has about twice the amount of caffeine that normal Canephora Arabica has.

It is a powerful stimulant of the central nervious system that will also effect your respiration and skeletal muscles. It causes cardiac stimulation, smooth muscle relaxation, and coronary dilation. It stimulates gastric secretions and will increase your heart rate and contractility and diuresis. A constituent of Canephora Robusta, Chlorogenic Acid, is reported to have stimulant properties as well choleretic properties which may raise homcysteine levels. Canephora Robusta has allergenic properties and has anti-platelet activity.

Ingredients in Canephora Robusta

Canephora Robusta is an ingredient in a lot of dietary supplements including weight loss, pre-workout and energy supplements.

Does Canephora Robusta Offer A Money Back Guarantee

Canephora Robusta is not a product it is an ingredient and not a product so therefore there is no money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Cannephora Robusta can be found in a lot of supplement products and for a good reason. It is less expensive than traditional caffeine sources such as Coffee Arabica. The crop yields much more and it is easier to produce. It also has twice the amount of caffeine than traditional coffee, which is great for supplements that use capsules that have a limited amount of space in them. This would be a beneficial for multiple kinds of supplements because of its potent energy giving power. For pre-workout supplements it would be a key ingredient because it would motivate you to get into your workout and to approach it with a high level of intensity. For energy supplements it will be a good main ingredient to boost your energy and mental focus. For diet supplement it will have multiple benefits as it will also suppress your appetite so that you don’t have to worry about cravings that bring your diets to a screeching halt. Because it is a strong stimulant it has a couple of drawbacks. It is unsuitable for women who are pregnant because caffeine will cross the human placenta where fetal blood and tissue levels will have similar caffeine content as the mother. Women that are pregnant should also not use any product that has caffeine. There are also a long list of drugs that interact with Cannephora Robusta that can be positive or sometimes negative. Overall Cannephora Robusta is a good ingredient for dietary supplements because of its high potency and low cost. Any product that has Cannephora Robusta will most certainly boost your energy and suppress your appetite.

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