Bodylogix Cleanse Review:

cleanse As explained on their website: “This revolutionary 7-day cleansing formula, detoxifies, replenishes and revitalizes your entire body using natural nutrients.” Bodylogix Cleanse is one of many detox supplements out in the market. Most of them are heavy on the diuretics and also include some fiber and vitamins. Bodylogix Cleanse is more effective than most when it comes to removing toxins and clearing your body of waste, but it should not be confused with a thermogoenic fat burner. It is not specifically designed to help you lose weight…that may be a side effect but you should keep in mind that it is mostly water weight.

Ingredients in Bodylogix Cleanse:

The active ingredients in Bodylogix Cleanse include the following: Vitamin C, all the Viatmin B’s, Fibersol, Chicory root, Elderberry, Senna, Burdock, Dandelion, Beet, Prune juice, Goji juice, Apple juice, Pomegranate juice, tomato, acai, cranberry, blueberry, grape seed extract, carrot, broccoli, spinach, kale, Kombu, Wakame, Spirulina, Nori Seaweed, and Chlorophyll.

They say that, “The 7-day cleansing system helps remove toxins, purifies, rejuvenates and energizes with easy and fast results. Liquid Detox Purifier featuring a herb, fruit and vegetable blend containing clinically tested fibre and super-antioxidants to jump start your cleansing program. Daily Detox Pack featuring BioPerine® to enhance bioavailability and Lactospore® probiotic to support digestive health.”

So Bodylogix Cleanse has a proven form of fiber, which is great for the entire digestive process. It has Lactospore, a probiotic which is also helpful with digestion and bowel movements. And it has tons of antioxidants and vitamins to restore any lost nutrients during the flushing out phase. It is a pretty good package; I just don’t know how great it will be at removing toxins.

Does Bodylogix Cleanse Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Bodylogix Herbalean is sold in Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Canada. They have their own return policy (as any store would) and you can go to the store’s website to get all the details. It is unclear whether or not you could use Bodylogix Herbalean and return it used for a full refund. They may only accept returns for unused products.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a big fan of the whole detox/cleansing process then Bodylogix Cleanse may be well worth your time. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to lose weight then you should use a supplement that will actually help you lose weight. Lots of people seem to like the detox products because they lose some quick pounds, but it’s all water weight.

I’m personally not a big believer in the “flushing” process because lots of toxins and waste products can’t be flushed out with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. They often require specific drugs or chemicals (not sold over the counter) to get rid of them.

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