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Biochem Fat Metabolizer Review

 Biochem Fat Metabolizer Biochem Fat Metabolizer simply claims that it will support liver function and fat metabolism.  Their official website does not post anything more about its product and how it is supposed to work. After studying the formula it does seem like a safe supplement that may have some digestion and possibly some minor weight-loss benefits.

Ingredients in Biochem Fat Metabolizer

Chromium Picolinate has been said to help the body process carbohydrates and fats more easily.  Research to back this claim up has been mixed; some studies find it to aid in weight loss while others find no weight loss advantages.

The L-Carnitine has been suggested to improve fat metabolism and aid in weight loss.  L-Carnitine is somewhat of a controversial supplement.  It is actually illegal in Canada because of adverse side effects such as vomiting, nausea, headache, diarrhea, stuffy nose, and difficulty sleeping.  However, there are only 340 mg of L-Carnitine in the supplement making it relatively safe but also making it somewhat ineffective and watered down.  An effective dose would be between 500-100mg.

Choline has been said to increase production of lecithin in the liver which ultimately helps emulsify fat.  Choline has not been studied extensively but we do know that many very healthy foods contain choline.  It is also found in breast milk which does support easy digestion.  The Methionine and Inositol help detoxify the waste products of protein and fat breakdown.  And finally, the herbs such as dandelion, barberry, and artichoke have been said to support liver cells and enhance the liver’s fat breakdown.

Does Biochem Fat Metabolizer Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Country Life, who owns the BioChem Company, does not sell any products on their website.  This means that there is no money-back guarantee.  You can buy it from many health food stores or online at third party websites for about $25.00 a bottle.  However, if this product does not work for you will not get any type of refund.  It is hard for me to be confident in a brand or product if I have no satisfaction guarantee.  I like to know that if a supplement does not work for me that I do not have to throw my money away.

Final Thoughts

Products that have relevant information about their supplements and how they are supposed to work are easier to recommend.  But, after doing some research I do believe Biochem Fat Metabolizer may have some weight loss advantages.  If nothing else, I believe it will have a positive effect on your digestive system.  Some of the main weight-loss ingredients seem a bit diluted and understudied to be deemed totally effective.  Also, there are not stimulants in this product which can be a positive or negative depending on what you are looking for in a diet supplement.  I personally think there are more complete supplements on the market today.

Even though we DON'T give Biochem Fat Metabolizer a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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