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Avaprex is a thermogenic fat burner that claims to be the beginning of the “new you”.  Avaprex claims to be a pharmaceutical grade fat burner that has the power of prescription treatments, but does not require a prescription. Are you ready to lose weight, committed to getting healthy, want to feel more confident and wear clothes that make you look sexy? If you are, Avaprex claims to be the fat burner for you. But does Avaprex work, and is it worth buying?


Avaprex has many ingredients, some of the key ingredients include:

  • Caralluma fimbriata- is a natural fat burner, but Avaprex does not have the clinically proven amount to be effective in weight loss
  • Guarana- used as a natural energy supplement, but not effective in promoting weight loss
  • Chromium Picolinate- can help control blood sugar levels, and has used successfully in other drugs to promote weight loss. Avaprex does not have the clinically proven amount to be effective in weight loss
  • Chitosan- this ingredient comes from shell fish, and may block a certain amount of fat content from body absorption
  • Gymnema Sylvestre- may help control blood sugars, may also promote weight loss
  • Garcinia Cambogia- this product may help with weight loss but Avaprex does not have the clinically proven amount to be effective

Other ingredients include; theobromine, banaba, calcium pyruvate, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit, coleus forskohlii, whie willow bark, uva ursi, juniper berry, buchu leaves and cayenne pepper.

Avaprex does contain some weight loss ingredients, but Avaprex does not have enough of anything to be an effective fat burner supplement and really the ingredients in Avaprex are less than impressive.

Avaprex may cause side effects! Avaprex contains chitosan which may cause loose stools, uncontrollable bowel movements and nausea. Chitosan comes from shell fish, so if you are allergic to shell fish, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! Some of the other side effects associated with Avaprex may include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and an elevated heartbeat. Many users have complained they had to go to the bathroom a lot when using this product…beware!

Avaprex is available to purchase for $37.77 for a one month supply. You can save $60.00 if you order a six month supply, but you may want to try it first before you commit to six months worth of Avaprex. Avaprex does offer a 30 day guarantee, if the bottle is unopened. If you try Avaprex you must keep it!

Final Thoughts

Avaprex does not have enough of anything to promote weight loss. I would definitely look into other options before buying Avaprex.

Even though we DON'T give Avaprex a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

#1 Apidexin

  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Fast, visible results
  • Users are losing 5,10 and up to 20 POUNDS in just one month!
Apidexin was created to be the world's most powerful thermogenic fat burner - even stronger than perscription weight loss medications! Apidexin will burn fat while helping you to gain muscle mass. It is made with clinically proven, high quality ingredients that will show results FAST!

#2 Phenphedrine

  • Targets Hunger Cravings Where They Start - The Brain
  • Most Powerful Appetite Suppressant and Fat Burner Available
  • Below Average Safety Score

Phenphedrine will help you to lose serious weight fast. It was designed to stimulate CART(Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript) and inhibit NPY - a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. Phenphedrine will bring your metabolism into overdrive to burn your extra fat FAST.

#3 Lipovox Hardcore Detox

  • 10 Patented Weight Loss Ingredients and 10 Detoxifying SuperFoods
  • Promotes Overall Well Being
  • Burns Fat Using Proven, Natural Ingredients
  • Provides Important Antioxidants
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Lipovox Hardcore Detox is a powerful fat loss product that uses ten doctor recommended "superfoods" plus antioxidants and ten patented weight loss ingredients and body detox. It is a hardcore weight loss product that is made for people who are serious about losing weight.