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ApidexTrimIf you want to lose fat fast you are probably hoping to find the best thermogenic fat burners.  Well, you don’t have to look any further.  ApidexTrim is a new fat burner that is making its way to the top by including proven ingredients in the right amounts to produce lasting results.  ApidexTrim reviews by both experts and consumers indicate that it is one of the few products that lives up to its claims.

What is it that makes ApidexTrim one of the best diet pills for women?  It’s the same thing that makes ApidexTrim a more expensive fat burner.

The ingredients.

Read on to discover why these ingredients work so well and how you can find ApidexTrim for cheap.

Ingredients in ApidexTrim

ApidexTrim has quite a list of clinically proven ingredients that will be able to reduce your appetite and your waist line.  These ingredients include the following:

  • SatieReal: an extract taken from saffron it is patented and proven to suppress appetite in 100% of the women who tried it
  • CoQ10: ApidexTrim contains the clinically proven dosage that has been shown to reduce weight by 29.7 pounds in as few as 12 weeks
  • iGOB Irvingia: using a placebo reduced weight by less than 1.5 pounds in a clinical trial whereas the use of this ingredient allowed for 28.1 pounds of fat loss in 10 weeks
  • Phytosome Green Tea: why bother using a diet pill without the best ingredients?  This is the most effective form of green tea available and it has been shown to cause more than 30 pounds of weight loss compared to 13.2 pounds lost by those on the placebo
  • Chromax: without making any change to diet users ate 365 fewer calories in a day because their appetite suppressed.  That means that without any changes to diet or exercise you can lost almost 40 pounds of body fat a year
  • Probiotics and Vitamin D: useful for improving health and digestion, levels of these two nutrients are generally low among obese individuals
  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine: stimulates an increase in metabolism by 3% naturally and without causing many side effects

If you have ever dieted and noticed your hair falling out or your nails breaking it may be due to poor nutrition.  To prevent against that ApidexTrim gives you a beauty blend that includes:

  • biotin
  • vitamin c
  • folic acid
  • vitamin e
  • resveratrol
  • alpha lipoic acid
  • dmae
  • collagen type II
  • hyaluronic acid
  • idebenone

Does ApidexTrim offer a money-back guarantee?

A 180 money back guarantee is provided with the purchase of ApidexTrim.  It is a more expensive fat burner because of the high quality ingredients.  Have you wondered about ApidexTrim coupon codes?  Well, there are not coupon codes but you can get the best prices (as low as $39.39 a bottle!) here: ApidexTrim.com.

Final Thoughts

Does ApidexTrim Work?  Is ApidexTrim safe? According to recently satisfied customers it is an effective way to lose weight and keep that weight off.  With the high quality ingredients and money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but the weight.  Get started with ApidexTrim today so you can feel confident in your body and enjoy what you see in the mirror!

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