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When I first started reviewing and thinking about Amphetamine diet pills, I thought that whoever had thought of this concept had to be crazy!  Seriously, most people when they think of Amphetamines think of the dangerous side effects associated with them.  In fact, many countries throughout the world have outlawed Amphetamines, and so it is important to consider (as with all diet pills) the potential negative side effects and outright dangers associated with taking a foreign substance into one’s body.

What is an amphetamine?  It is a psychostimulant drug that will cause many different side effects.  Amphetamines are chemically related to methamphetamines, which are designed to cause euphoria and other good feelings.  Methamphetamines are bad!  Amphetamines on the other hand do serve some good purposes (when properly diagnosed and taken under the care of a physician).  Some problems that are treated with Amphetamines include ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, and Narcolepsy among other things.  Get the picture????  Amphetamines are POWERFUL, and should be taken with care and never unsupervised.

As mentioned before, in many countries Amphetamines are illegal.  In most circumstances, they are illegal when not prescribed by a physician or taken properly.  There are so many regulations out there, and it is important to look in your specific country if they are legal, illegal, and what types of regulations are in each country.  Regardless of what your decision is, please, please be careful and be sure to consult a physician – especially with Amphetamines.

Amphetamine Diet Pills Side Effects

Amphetamines are often effective at helping you lose weight, but at a VERY HIGH COST.  I am telling you right now that amphetamines are effective.  They have been proven to reduce appetite, decrease fatigue – naturally enhancing workouts, and natural muscle relaxer.  Now these may seem positive, but there are potential negatives as well.

Ok now, get ready for the negative side effects – for there are many including: anorexia, hyperactivity, blood shot eyes, restlessness, dry mouth, headaches, hypertension, fever, diarrhea, diaphoresis, insomnia, numbness, heart palpitations, tremors, dry skin, acne, and convulsions.  This is all from just low to moderate doses.  However, if you become addicted to amphetamines (which is possible) or if the dosage is too high seizure, stroke, coma, heart attack and possibly even death may occur.

Do Amphetamine Diet Pills work well enough to buy?

In this case, effectiveness is not an issue.  The fact of the matter is that amphetamines will help you lose the weight.  However, there are MUCH, MUCH BETTER OPTIONS for healthy, effective, and legal weight loss. It just isn’t worth any sort of risk to achieve your weight loss goals.  I would rather be a little overweight than dead, or helplessly skinny and poor from amphetamine addiction.  If you are addicted, or think that you are taking any thermogenic fat burners with potential amphetamines in the product please consult a physician.  It just isn’t worth the risk of death or other problems associated with over-consumption.  Amphetamines can also be expensive, and quite frankly not worth the hassle.

Even though we DON'T give Amphetamine Diet Pills a 100% recommendation, it's not a bad fat burner. However, there are BETTER choices that will help you lose weight faster. Based on our research and experience, here are the Top Thermogenic Fat Burners of 2011:

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