About Us

Welcome to ThermogenicFatBurners.org!

This site is dedicated to educating consumers about thermogenic fat burners. In general, fat burners don’t work. Fortunately, there are a few exceptional companies out there. Our goal is to expose the bad and show you the good.

The last few years have been better for herbal fat burners. The FDA and FTC are weeding out companies with exaggerated claims and dangerous products. Although they’re doing a great job, it’s not enough. Before buying a fat burner do your research. Please. Even though ThermogenicFatBurners.org is a great resource, it’s worth checking out other sites; especially those with real consumer comments.

Does the staff personally use the thermogenic fat burners reviewed?

Not all of them. Generally, we test out the popular fat burners. 95% of our visitors only look at 5% of our reviews. We try to remain practical

What criteria do you use when evaluating a fat burner?

  • Ingredients : This is by far the most important factor. Without good ingredients, there won’t be results. Even with the right ingredients, there may not be results (see potency). We look for safe, powerful ingredients.
  • Potency : By potency, I don’t mean the quality of the ingredient. I’m speaking here to the amount of the ingredient in the diet pill. If a fat burner claims to have Forslean, then I’ll look and 1) make sure Forslean is there and also 2) make sure the amount of Forslean is at a level that has proven to be effective in studies.
  • Value : We compare the cost of a fat burner to similar products. We also compare the cost of buying fat burner ingredients individually so you can make your own.
  • Safety : will the ingredients give you uncontrollable anxiety, explosive diarrhea, or heart palpitations? If the side effects are extreme, then you probably don’t want to take it.

Are all thermogenic fat burners scams?

Most are. However, there are a few that stand out among the rest and we tell you which ones these are.

Do you profit from this site?

This site does generates a small income. For almost every product reviewed, we provide one or two links to recommended merchants. We even do this for products we don’t recommend. Our commissions vary from 2% up to 25%. We do have consciences (unlike many “review” sites) and we don’t let the commission rate affect our opinions.