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2 Day Diet Pills Review

I was actually pretty amazed that this product was actually selling when I went to the company website.  The first thing you will notice upon visiting the company website is the poor design, misspelled words, and of course the poor grammar.  This was my first big red flag while researching the product.  Upon further inspection of the product, I learned that the FDA had recently issued a warning regarding the safety of the product.  According to the warning, there may be other ingredients in the product other than those listed on the label, and the website.  These ingredients may have extremely harmful effects upon one’s health.  Whenever the FDA issues a warning, I listen. Dieting is supposed to lead to better health, and lifestyle – not death.

Now that I have given my two cents worth, decide for yourself!  Here is the product list, according to the website:  Lingzhi, Wheat Germ, Ebony, Foxnut, Tuckahoe, Seman Pruny, Dioscoerae, and Nature Substance. These ingredients are used in traditional Chinese medicine.  The effectiveness of the ingredients on weight loss appears inconclusive.

2 Day Diet Pills Side Effects

As mentioned above, there was an FDA warning about the safety of this product.  Be careful when selecting an effective diet pill!  There are too many products with adverse side effects.  Be sure to choose wisely.

Lingzhi is the main ingredient that should give people cause for concern.  Side effects range from mild – including nosebleeds, and dry throat, to severe – including excessive bleeding, heart attacks, stroke, and in some rare instances, death.

The other ingredients in the supplement appear to be mild, with no conclusive evidence of specific dangerous side effects.  The website does list pregnant women, children, and those with heart and kidney problems as groups that could experience adverse reactions to the product.

Do 2 Day Diet Pills Work Well Enough to Buy?

First, I highly discourage anyone from taking anything that has an FDA warning.  It isn’t worth the risk!  Secondly, one can’t have permanent weight loss by going on a 2 day diet kick.  It is impossible to lose anything other than water weight during that period of time!  The only people that I have heard about losing insane amounts of weight in a short period of time are wrestlers and boxers who wore rubber suits (which often led to death) prior to a weigh-in.  If you are looking to lose weight, and keep it off permanently, look for a supplement that will encourage you to lose weight over a longer period of time.  These products will include proven weight loss ingredients, and encourage you to make lifestyle changes.  It is these valuable lifestyle changes (including using the right supplements) that will help you on your path to success.  2 Day Diet Pills will not help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle as well as other products.

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